The mobile telecommunications operator SIM-SIM is created to help our country’s guests to feel at home.
    • For which purpose we provide you with profitable conditions for communication with family and friends;
    • We offer only convenient and simple ways to manage services;
    • We speak the same language with you: you can choose consultation in Russian, Tajik, Uzbek, Kyrgyz;
    • We help to compile all necessary documents for legal stay and work in the Russian Federation;
    • The concierge-service specialists will arrange the rout for a trip through Moscow, they will give a cue, where to transfer money abroad; they will help with the purchase of transport tickets.

The supplementary service “Concierge-service“ is available for SIM-SIM subscribers by dialing 6070. Cost of the call per minute is 3 rubles. Detailed information is available in the «Supplementary services».

With the “Concierge-service” option you can call consultants for 0.95 rubles per day unlimitedly. To activate the option “Concierge-service” by yourself please dial the command *103*203#. Details are in the «Options».

You can call the free reference service regarding the mobile connection matters by the number 7060 (for SIM-SIM subscribers) or by 8 800 770 7060.