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  • «Bonus for incoming calls!»

    Bonus for incoming calls

    Dear subscribers!

    From November 1st 2016 to 15th February 2017 there is a special offer “Bonus for incoming calls” for the tariff plans with codes 900, 958: “Call your family”, “Call everyone”, “Call a lot”. For each full minute of incoming call you get 0,5 ruble credited to your account! March 1, 2017 bonuses will be canceled.

  • «While you refill the balance, you fill your fridge!»

    While you refill the balance, you fill your fridge!
    Dear subscriber, take part in our new offer!
    We give “Auchan“ gift card with nominal of RUB 250 for refilling the balance of SIM SIM mobile operator with  the same amount or more.

    How do I get the gift card?
    1. Refill the balance with the amount of RUB 250 or more.  
    2. You can participate more than once, but the gift card is only issued for one balance refill per day.
    3. Bring the check or show the SMS confirming the balance refill to the SIMSIM employee in the spots of gifts outgiving.
    4. Offer is valid from October 1st, 2016 to October 31st year 2016.

    In the SIM SIM sale offices
    SIM SIM sales manager will give you the gift card any time during office work hours on the following addresses:
    ∙ Sheremetyevo airport, D and E terminals;
    ∙ Vnukovo airport;
    ∙ Domodedovo airport, 1 and 2 terminals;
    ∙ Vidnoye town, “Krasnyi Kamen“ mall;
    ∙ “Tramplin“ mall;
    ∙ “Marktkauf“ mall;
    ∙ “Paterson“ mall.

    In the “Auchan” hypermarkets
    The SIM SIM employee in the brand T-shirt will give you the gift card from 11:00 to 16:00 on Saturdays and Sundays in the “Auchan” trade halls on the following addresses:
    ∙ “Auchan Belaya Dacha“, Kotelniki town, 1st Pokrovsky passage, 5, “MEGA” mall;
    ∙ “Auchan Brateevo“, Moscow, Besedinskoe highway, estate;
    ∙ “Auchan Krasnogorsk“, post-office “Krasnogorsk 4”, MKAD 66th km.
  • «Top up the balance and get trips!»

    The ​advertising action takes place from July 20 to August 31


    Dear subscribers!

    From July 20 to August 31 we run a unique campaign! Top up the balance of your SIM SIM mobile number for 500 RUB during a day and get a subway trip with Troika transport card as a gift.

    Details. For taking part in the campaign you need to report us the 10-digit number of your Troika card by sending it in an SMS to the number +79005550303 or by calling the toll-free number 7060 of the SIM SIM contact center.

    The amount of 32 roubles equal to one trip cost will be credited to your Troika card account within 2-3 days after the payment. Information on crediting of the gift amount will be sent to you via SMS.

    Please note that for activation of the amount at the screen of a recharge terminal of Troika card at any Moscow subway station you need to press the button “Remote card recharge” and hold your Troika card to the yellow target under the terminal screen. After that the amount equal to the cost of a trip will be credited to the account of your Troika card.