User Guide

For your convenience, this page contains answers to frequently asked questions of SIM SIM users.

Save useful commands and numbers

*102# - Check the balance, the remnants of the packages.

*122# - To Know the last 5 deductions.

*110*09# - Get list of connected services.

0947 - Listen to the terms of its tariff.

0717 - Learn all about mobile Internet.

06503 - Automatic Internet settings.

How can I learn for which services my account was debited?

Enter *122# . You will receive an SMS with information concerning your spendings on calls, Internet, messaging and other services you are using.

What should I do if I transferred money to another number by error?

  • If you transferred less than 200 Rubles by cash and if the erroneous number exists and belongs to SIM SIM or Beeline, call us at 7060 for a refund.
  • If you transferred more than 200 Rubles by cash and if the erroneous number exists and belongs to SIM SIM or Beeline, visit SIM SIM’s Central Office. In order to file an application you are required to have your passport and the payment receipt with you.

Your money can be refunded only if the required amount is available on the account of the erroneous number.

I topped up the account via payment terminal. Why didn’t the payment reach my account?

Check that the payment receipt indicates the correct phone number.
If the phone number is correct and if more than 24 hours have passed from the time of payment, contact / visit the carriers payment system client support center. Make sure your payment receipt indicates the phone number.

Please note that the maximum prescribed time for transfering payments in most payment systems is 24 hours.

Why was I charged for my call a larger amount than indicated in the advertising brochures?

Please carefully read the information about call rates in the “Tariff Plans and Options” section. Most probably, the advertising brochure indicates the rates for the period of promotional offers or only for calls to certain countries.

To which services should I connect to so that I can make the cheapest calls within Moscow?

You can connect the “SIM SIM +” option. For a token fee of 5 Rubles, you will have 100 minutes per day for calls to SIM SIM and Beeline users across Russia. To connect the service, dial 067418817.

This offer only applies to calls from Moscow and from the Region of Moscow, and does not work together with the “Like at Home” option in Central Russia.

No fee charged for the first connection of this option.

Fixed user fee debited daily.

How can I save on my mobile communication costs when roaming?

Select and connect the option you like for traveling across Russia and worldwide. For further details of all current offers, visit the applicable section "Tariff Plans and Options: Roaming" on our website.

Which of the Internet data packages is the best one?

It depends on how you are going to use the Internet data on your phone.

  • If you need Internet on your mobile phone solely for social networking, connect the “Internet-Mini” option (200 MB at unlimited speeds).
  • If you need mobile Internet in order to use e-mail and browse websites and social networks, you may find it useful to connect the “Internet and SMS” option (1 GB at unlimited speeds).
  • If you need mobile Internet for traveling across Russia, connect the “Internet in Russia” option (2.5 GB at unlimited speeds).

For further details of the rates and connection methods, visit the applicable section “Tariff Plans and Options: Options" on our website.

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Call the Client Support Service at 8-800-770-7060 (call is toll-free in all regions of Russian both from mobile and fixed phones).