• All included for 100 per month
  • Unlimited calls to SIM SIM and Beeline and SMS in Moscow and the Regions
Monthly subscriber fee 100 RUB
Included into the subscriber fee:
Package of minutes for local and long-distance calls, including Beeline numbers (available in the roaming) 50
SMS to numbers of all Russia mobile operators (available in the roaming) 100
Outgoing calls to the mobile numbers of the "Call Everybody", "Call Your Family" and "Call Your Close Ones" tariff plan series subscribers 0
Outgoing calls to the mobile numbers of Beeline Russia subscribers 0
Outgoing calls to other Moscow and Moscow Region mobile operators numbers 1,5
Outgoing calls to long-distance numbers of other mobile operators numbers 1,5
Outgoing SMS outside the service package included into monthly fee 1,5
Price for a minute of local readdressed calls to any Russia numbers 1,5
Incoming calls
Incoming calls within Russia from numbers of the region of stay * 0
Incoming calls within Russia from numbers of the region of connection and numbers of other regions (except for the region of stay) 5,0
International calls Per each minute of a talk
In the regions In Moscow
To Beeline/Kyivstar/other numbers To any numbers
Uzbekistan 5,5
Tajikistan 15
Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia 6 30
Abkhazia, Ossetia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Moldova 20 30
To other countries 60 60

* On trips across Russia the region of the actual stay is considered house.

Tarifs are valid from 30.10.2018, only if the customer is finding in the network of "Beeline" coverage area all over the Russia.

«Call Everywhere» tariff plan services  
Caller ID; MMS; Mobile Internet; Call waiting; Conference calling; Call barring; Long-distance and International access; International Roaming; Sim-card services.  
Messages SMS MMS
To mobile numbers in Moscow region and Beeline within Russia outside the package 1,5 6
To other mobile numbers in Russia 1,5 6
To the CIS countries and Georgia mobile numbers 3 10
To the mobile numbers of other countries 5 20
Mobile Internet
Per 1 Mb (with hourly upward rounding up to 150 Kbites) 10
International calls (except for the countries indicated overleaf)
Australia and Oceania 40
Asia 50
Other countries 60
THURAYA (satellite communications system) 190
Inmarsat, Iridium, GlobalStar, MCP (satellite communications systems) 430
Connection Fixed user fee
Internet within Russia 067418818
3.5 GB of the Internet per month 350 RUB per month

Inquiry service 7060 Free of charge
Balance checking *102# Free of charge

The mobile Internet options are available within the territory of Russia except for the Republic of Crimea and the Far East regions.

Rates are indicated in Rubles, inclusive of VAT.