• Call Me option

    You can inform another user that you are waiting for his/her call using just one command.

  • Automatic Top-Up option

    Is your balance almost zero? «SIM SIM» will automatically top up your account whenever it drops below 50 Rub.

    Connect Connection fee 0 Rub.
  • Reverse Charge Call option

    Even if your account balance is too low, you can call your friends any time!

  • Top Up My Account option

    Is your balance almost zero? Ask your friends to top up your account.

  • Talking Letter option

    Even if your balance is zero you can stay in touch with your relatives and friends.

    Connect Connection fee 0 Rub.
  • Live Zero option

    All users of the pre-paid service system are entitled to a "live" zero balance!

  • Calling line identification restriction service

    Hide your phone number with "Calling line identification restriction" service

    Connect Connection fee 0 Rub.
  • Stay Informed + service

    Stay informed about who called you! Receive voice messages left while you were out of reach or did not answer the phone.

    Connect Connection fee 0 Rub.
  • Contacted service

    Your mobile phone is switched off or beyond the network’s coverage, but someone needs to contact you?

    Connect Connection fee 0 Rub.
  • Black List service

    Use the call barring function to avoid talking to unwanted callers.

    Connect Connection fee 0 Rub.
  • Call Forwarding service

    Set call forwarding to the nearest phone number and stay in touch!

    Connection fee 0 Rub. Connect
  • Music Mix service

    Have up-to-date music content on your mobile phone at all times.

    Connect Connection fee 0 Rub.
  • Welcome service

    Use your favorite tunes and wisecracks instead of boring tones! Copy the tune you like from any SIM SIM user number and present it to your best SIM SIM users.

  • simsim. newsstand service

    Glossy magazines for women, editions for men, magazines about kids, psychology, cars, hobbies and other editions.