«Talking Letter» service
Even if your balance is zero, you can stay in touch with your relatives and friends.

Send voice messages to other SIM SIM users.

Messages are sent free of charge.

Clients connection fee
0 Rub.
Fixed user fee if the pre-paid service system is used
0 Rub. per day
SMS notification of Client’s letters receipt
and played back
0 Rub.
Sending one letter to SIM SIM numbers
0 Rub.
First playback of the received Client “Talking Letter”
1,15 Rub.
Repeated playback of archived letters
The rate of outgoing calls to SIM SIM numbers is based on your tariff plan
service connection and management
To create and send your talking letter, dial:
#user number in 10-digit format
If you want to play back a certain letter, enter: #00 the ordinal number of the letter indicated in the SMS (call)
To enter the archive of letters, dial::
service conditions
Maximum duration of voice message
20 secondes
You can store in your archive
99 letters
Letters are stored in the archive
for 72 hours
After each playback, the letter storage period is extended for another
for 48 hours