• Pay only for the seconds you have spoken!
  • Local calls, China and USA - 0.03 RUB, India and Vietnam - 0.07 RUB, to CIS from 0.10 RUB

Dear subscribers!

Here is a unique offering within Moscow and Moscow region market – per-second billing tariff plan “Call for a penny”!
Please be aware that
• transfer from this tariff plan is not available to other SIM SIM tariff plans in the nearest time as well as roaming services
• for this tariff plan only options as described below are available
A call to the contact center at 7060 and “Assistance around Moscow” service are available to the full extent. Wish you enjoy our service.

If you want to switch to this tariff plan with your phone number – please dial 7060.

Monthly subscriber fee 0 RUB
Local and long-distance calls
For SIM SIM tariff plans subscribers 0,03
To all Moscow region numbers 0,03
To other Russia numbers 0,05
To other Russia numbers For each second of a call
To the CIS countries
Uzbekistan 0,10
Tajikistan 0,20
Kyrgyzstan 0,27
Kazakhstan 0,20
Armenia 0,27
Ukraine 0,27
Georgia 0,33
Abkhazia, South Ossetia 0,33
Turkmenistan 0,20
Moldova 0,27
Azerbaijan, Belarus 0,33
To other countries
India 0,07
Vietnam 0,07
China 0,03
USA, Canada 0,03
Turkey 0,12

Transition to a tariff plan is free if from the moment of the previous shift of a tariff plan there passed more than 1 month, in other cases the cost of transition is 100 rub. The compulsory provision of transition to a rate is availability on balance the amount for payment of cost of transiion and a payment for the first days of use of a rate.

«Call for a penny» tariff plan services  
To mobile numbers in Moscow region and Beeline within Russia outside the package 2
To other mobile numbers in Russia 2
To mobile numbers in the CIS countries and Georgia 2
To mobile numbers in other countries 5
Mobile Internet
Per 1 MB (with upward rounding per hour up to 150 Kbytes) 3
International calls (except for the countries, indicated overleaf ), price for 1 minute of a call
Australia and Oceania 70
Asia 70
Other countries 70
THURAYA (satellite communications system) 100
Inmarsat, Iridium, GlobalStar, MCP (satellite communications systems) 300

Connection Subscription fee
Concierge service *103*203#
Information and reference service and service ordering services (by number 6070) 10 rub. 0,95 rub. per day
SIM SIM start *103*201#
free of charge calls to SIM SIM (up to 50 min per day) 0 rub. 3 rub. per day
Internet-start *103*101#
15 МБ per day 0 rub. 2,5 rub. per day
Internet-mini *103*102#
50 Mb per day 50 rub. 5 rub. per day
Internet standard *103*103#
2,5 Gb per month 0 rub. 250 rub. per month
Internet optimal *103*104#
5 Gb per month 0 rub. 400 rub. per month
Internet and SMS *103*401#
1,5 Gb and 100 SMS per month to the numbers of Moscow and Moscow region 0 rub. 150 rub. per month
SMS start *103*301#
10 SMS per month to any numbers of Moscow and Moscow region 0 rub. 1 rub. per day
SMS mini *103*302#
100 SMS per month to any numbers of Moscow and Moscow region 30 rub. 120 rub. per month
SMS optimal *103*303#
300 SMS per month to any numbers of Moscow and Moscow region 30 rub. 200 rub. per month
Reference service 7060 Free of charge
Balance check *102# Free of charge
Service package balance checking *100*1# Free of charge

All prices are in roubles and VAT inclusive

The tariffs are valid from 14.03.2017, provided subscribers are located within SIM SIM coverage zone in Moscow region.